Our Story

a family "affair"

“Working with my family has been the biggest blessing of my career.” When Diana Gould founded her company over 40 years ago, she sparked the fire of a newborn industry. At that time, there really was no concept of custom event designs, so Diana created one. After adorning her staircase with beautiful flowers for her sister’s wedding, she knew that this was her calling. At its core, this is a family business. When Diana’s daughter, Jen, joined the company in 2003 she added a new dynamic to the business. She brought cutting edge creative elements such as acrylic fabrication, graphic design, large scale set design and digital technology—all of which elevated the business to a new level. The sky is the limit for this mother-daughter duo.

our process


When we have a preliminary meeting with a client, our first step is to brainstorm and conceptualize what their event could look like based on a combination of their aesthetic vision and our scope of service.


Once we have a plan, our team begins crafting drawings, renderings and drafts. This is the beginning of the realization of our clients’ dream event.


Next, we take stock of the information we have received internally and feedback from the client and begin to refine our concepts and designs.


Next, we take stock of the information we have received internally and feedback from the client and begin to refine our concepts and designs.

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Meet the team

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Jennifer Gould

Lead Designer, Owner

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Andrew Abatemarco

Operations Manager

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Amelia Sherman

Event Designer

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Jorge Heredia

Creative Director

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Eduardo Huanca

Studio Manager